A safe and disinfected endoscope starts with correct installation of equipment, followed by the appropriate execution of manual and automated processes and handling of chemicals. The human factor plays a crucial role in the endoscope reprocessing process. As part of our services, we offer extensive user and hospital engineer training for your staff.

Operator Training

We offer bespoke training packages that are tailor made for your department. All of our training courses are based on recommendations from The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA), British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG) ) and  HTM 01-06. Certificated training courses are available for all our products.

We will discuss with you your needs and will organise the training on a date that is convenient to you.

Our Training Packages have been designed with the users in mind and do not include unnecessary detail or information. They contain all the information you need to ensure that your department;

  • Runs efficiently;
  • Operates safely so that decontamination is carried out in a safe, validated and recorded way;
  • Staff are aware of all daily routine tasks that need to be carried out in order that the machine is properly prepared for a days use, and maintained after the day is over;
  • Staff are competent and confident with the operation of the equipment.

Wassenburg’s Certificated Training Packages

Our courses are run for a minimum of 1 day: –

New user

This training course is available to all users following installation and commissioning. The course includes:

  • An explanation of the machine’s purpose and performance;
  • A demonstration of how to use the machine;
  • Practical “hands on” experience of using the machine under the supervision of the Wassenburg trainer;
  • An explanation of basic troubleshooting;
  • An explanation of daily and weekly tests that are to be carried out (in compliance with HTM 01-06 requirements);
  • Competency based assessment by the Wassenburg trainer.

Maximum of 10 staff per day, trained in two groups of no more than 5 to allow a more individualised training experience.

Refresher Training

This training course is available on an annual basis. The course includes:

  • Re-assessment of competency for existing users;
  • A forum for discussion of topical decontamination issues covering local and national guidelines/policy.

Maximum of 15 staff per day, trained in three groups of no more than 5, providing some of your staff have already completed the New User training programme.

Train the Trainer

The Train the Trainer Package is designed  for one or two of your department’s staff who are regular and competent users of the machine. On completion of the course these staff will be able to provide in house training and certification to new staff and occasional users. The course includes:

  • A detailed overview of the machine;
  • Re-assessment of a competent and regular machine user;
  • Detailed troubleshooting exercises that will help to identify faults and reduce machine downtime;
  • How to train and assess for competency for your own department’s staff and issue certificates for training that has been carried out;
  • Programme the machine with New Users and Endoscopes (Wassenburg machines).

Maximum of 2 staff for one day.


On completion of any of the courses your staff will receive Training Notes and a Certificate of Competence. Certificates are valid for one year.
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