Quality & safety

At Wassenburg, we know that a clean and disinfected endoscope is an important prerequisite to ensure safety for patients and operators. Quality and safety are therefore our top priorities.

In line with our mission, our organisation is ISO 13485 certified, guaranteeing a controlled environment for the development and manufacture of our endoscope reprocessing products.

All WASSENBURG® Endoscope washer-disinfectors meet the requirements of ISO 15883 parts 1 and 4 and HTM 01-06. Type-testing is carried out by independent laboratories. Our drying cabinets meet the requirements of the EN 16442 standard.

Wassenburg is involved in international standardisation committees related to endoscope reprocessing and in education on endoscope reprocessing best practice in universities.

Wassenburg stands for safety, quality, and reproducibility in endoscope reprocessing.