Pay per Use


Pay-per-use – the power of our experience

To serve our customers even better and help them gain access to the latest Wassenburg technology, we now offer financing solutions. Our experience in endoscope reprocessing and our vast distribution and service network allow us to offer a comprehensive solution, aimed to facilitate your daily operations and workflow.

Ease your constraints

Medical institutions around the world find themselves in rapidly changing markets. Increasing patient numbers combined with shrinking budgets are causing medical institutions to look for new technologies as well as alternative business models.

Within such a challenging environment, securing funding to purchase new equipment can be difficult. Equipment on pay-per-use base provides an attractive alternative to equipment purchase: it offers cash management benefits and minimises risks.

Focused on safety

We see a clear shift in the economic environment and the challenges our customers face in providing the best possible care for their patients. The quality of care and patient expectations have never been higher or more competitive. However, budget constraints and budget cuts are the order of the day. In offering our Wassenburg pay-per-use solution, we aspire to ease these budget constraints and keep our joint focus on patient safety in endoscope reprocessing.


Wassenburg offers pay-per-use that includes the use of equipment, the process chemicals and consumables, preventive and corrective maintenance, and training of personnel.

Improve your cash management

With pay-per-use, a large upfront capital investment is not needed. This conserves capital, improves cash flow and eases financial constraint, resulting in easier access to new technology.

No ownership

Operating costs like maintenance, updates and repairs are covered by Wassenburg, allowing you to focus on running your operation.


With monthly upfront payments based on your needs, budgets become predictable and easy to manage.


Pay-per-use provides a transparent monthly overview of the cost of operation of the equipment within the department – it is an all-inclusive solution.


Pay-per-use provides a personalised solution in accordance with your needs. As you can tailor it to your current and future (financial) situation providing you with unparalleled flexibility.