The first step to becoming a professional WASSENBURG® field service engineer or a professional WASSENBURG® sales executive is training.

The mission of the training department is to train all employees and distributors in order to work safely with our WASSENBURG® Product Portfolio.

We have excellent facilities in Dodewaard the Netherlands, headquarters of Wassenburg Medical,  to ensure our participants will have the best experience on all our machines. We have a state-of-the-art presentation room, technical room, showroom and lunchroom.

Our training portfolio consists of the following trainings:

  • Sales Executive Product Training for account managers
  • Field Service Engineer Training for service engineers
  • Hospital Engineer Training for hospital technicians

Advanced training is available for the SEP-training and the FSEP-training.

Hands-on training is an important part of our training and includes washing an endoscope in our equipment and, for the Field Service Engineers, getting into the technical details of our equipment.

We train our people according to processes, making sure we are compliant with the Medical Device Regulations. Our certified staff starts off as Junior. The level of Senior Pro can be accomplished by following the steps as described in our processes. All our people are only working with and on machines with a valid certificate.

We have a database of approximately 300 certified employees throughout the world.

For further information, please contact our training department at

Together we ensure that we provide a safe endoscope for every patient around the world.